Best Careers To Follow For 2011

With the recent economic downturn just recently ending this year, it may be more important than ever for people to choose the best career path to take advantage of what the current job market needs in terms of availability, salary and job satisfaction they offer. According to US. News, here are the best careers to follow for 2011.

Business Related Occupations

There are various jobs related to business that made the list. Those jobs that made it include accountants, actuaries, financial advisers, financial analysts, sales managers, meeting planners, logisticians, PR specialists and training specialists. Of this group, the sales managers make the highest median annual salary, which is pegged at around US$ 97,000.

Technology Occupations

Tech jobs seem to remain in consistent demand that have made them one areas to follow a good career path for this year. Among those tech jobs that are listed include, computer software engineers, computer systems analysts, computer support specialists, network architects, biomedical engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineering technician, environmental science technicians, hydrologists, and meteorologists.

Creative And Service Occupations

There were also several creative jobs and those in the services industry that made it to the list. Among them are curators, commercial pilots, film/video editors, interpreters, gaming managers, multimedia artists, technical writers, and HVAC technicians.

Healthcare Occupations

There were also a number of jobs in the healthcare industry that were included in the best careers to take in 2011.Among them are dental hygienists, lab technicians, massage therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. Also included in the list are optometrists, doctor’s assistants, physical therapist assistants, radiologic technologists, registered nurses, school psychologists and veterinarians.

Social Service Occupations

In the social services field, there are also a number of jobs that may be a good career path to pursue for this year. The list include, education administrators, court reporters, the clergy, marriage and family therapists, mediators, medical and public health social workers, special ed teachers, urban planners and firefighters.
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Understanding Job Descriptions

When it comes to looking for a job, knowing what is to be expected may be as important as landing the job itself. Looking at wanted job ads may contain the information needed by job applicants by way of the job descriptions provided by the employers. But such job descriptions are not always down to the point and may require some bit of understanding. Here are some of the common job descriptions job hunters may usually encounter on job ads and what they usually mean.

Flexible Working Hours

This job description is usually seen in job ads put up by start up companies. At first look, it might seem that the employers might be offering a wonderful option of working under flexible hours according to the job applicant’s schedule. But what it might really mean is that the schedule to be followed is that of the company.

When reading this job description, one should expect that the job might require some days where burning the midnight oil might be necessary. Some employees might be required by the company to stay for extended hours in order to finish certain important tasks. Sometimes, Saturdays might just become working days for some of the employees. This situation may be closer to what the stated job description might mean.

Lots Of Growth Opportunities

This is another common job description that many start up companies are known to use. What it might really mean is that the job applicant should expect working hard in exchange for minimal pay since it might be a company that dreams big but may have limited capital. But it is not all bad. There might really be many opportunities to grow in the said company. But job hunters should make sure that it is a company that they are willing to work for a long period of time since there might be a number of initial struggles to face.

Willing To Work With Minimal Supervision

This job description might offer a little independence to employees which many will find welcome. But it can also mean another thing. The company may lack some cohesive leadership. Employees might need to fend off for themselves most of the time and it is not always a good thing. One way to determine the level of cohesive leadership in the company is by trying to see if the employer or interviewer has an idea of the day to day tasks that the job in question takes. If not, then it may be a good indication that the job hunter may need to discover what the job entails if he or she is hired for it.

Ability to Identify And Resolve Problems

It might seem that this job description looks into the problem solving abilities of the job applicant. But what it might also mean is that the company might not have an idea on the certain problems that it is facing and may need you to look for them and find ways to solve them. The employee might be expected to turn things around. The job might require certain challenges that need to be faced.
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Factors To Consider When Choosing Online Degrees

There are now many options available for people who are considering a change of careers. One of the most convenient options would be taking online degrees to further advance their skills and career options. Taking an online degree will enable a person to continue pursuing some advanced career education without having to stop working.

Since online degrees may have a more flexible schedule, it may be a more feasible option for those who have a job. But then choosing an online school where to get an online degree may be more of a challenge. Here are some of the things to consider when

Career Relevance

Since your goal is to further your career by taking an online degree, make sure that you choose an online degree program that is as closely relevant to your career goals. Make sure that the courses that you take is also ideal for classes in an online environment. There are certain classes that might be more effective in a face-to-face class setting while others may be more ideal online.

Online School Accreditation

One of the more important things to consider when looking for an online degree is if the online programs that the schools offer is properly accredited. People should be aware that there are also so-called diploma mills that may offer fake accreditation credentials in order to entice more interested students. Make sure that you research an online school’s accreditation from the Department of Education to determine genuine online schools.

Quality Of the Faculty

Having good quality instructors can mean the difference between getting a good online degree and just an ordinary online diploma. This may eventually affect your career opportunities along the way. You can check out with online schools and try to inquire about their faculty and the credentials that they hold. Try to make sure that you deal with an online school that includes having a veritable line-up of instructors from whom you may be able to learn and acquire skills.
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Tips To Avoid Putting Your Job At Risk

Having a job and keeping it is important for those people who are trying to establish a very successful career. But there are also times when people may put their own jobs at risk with their own actions and mistakes. Here are some tips that might help you avoid sabotaging your own job and career.

Be Careful Of What You Share Online

In this age of social networks and real-time online sharing, it can be easier for people to sabotage their careers through this route. With people sharing almost anything via their online social networks, they can easily make the mistake of sharing something about their jobs that they shouldnt have to. It may also be through social networks that some may send negative messages about job related matters, sometimes out of a burst of emotion. These shares made online can sometimes lead to some putting their own jobs at risk. To be on the safe side, one should try to limit job-related matters that are being shared among online social networks in order to avoid making mistakes that could sabotage a career.

Avoid Office Romances

Although love may blossom for people at any time, the workplace is usually not the place for it to develop. Try to avoid being part of a developing office romance since it can lead to a number of complications that can also sabotage a career. For example, it would be pretty hard usually for two people in a failed office romance to continue working together and focus on their jobs after the experience. In this case, avoidance would clearly be a better deal than risking sabotaging a career.

Observe Proper Email Etiquette

Emails have become the main source of inter-office communication. Sending one should be handled with care and some added level of responsibility. Sending the wrong email to the wrong recipient can have disastrous consequences career-wise. Be careful of sending those emails, making sure that they are being sent to their intended recipients. Try to also avoid sending office gossips or incendiary messages via email since it might easily be traced out to the source in case it can cause problems in the office. It is always better to observe proper email etiquette than risking a career over a recklessly made email message.
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